In the media

Thanks to our generous sponsors, New York Cosmos Soccer Team, our ad was featured on BeIN Sports channel and Mediacom cable TV. This is our official ad (that we are super proud of because we made it in house with our team of volunteers!):

And this is the exciting moment that it was played all over the world on BeIN sports on Sept 22nd, 2020:

Our project was featured on New York NY1 TV channel as the “New Yorker of the Week” on June 22nd, 2020.

Youtube Travel Influencer, “What a Shame Mary Jayne” created a 15 minute documentary about our project :

Michael Lewis from Front Row Soccer wrote several articles about our project that were featured in prominent sports journals.

The influential, local East Village journal EVGrieve have been outstanding supporters of our project. So far they have featured us 3 times in their journal:

A wide range of organizations, brands and known musicians have been supporting and promoting us. Here are a few of them: