In New York Times


On ABCNews

We were featured on “ABCNews” for our work with asylum seekers in NYC. See our segment on the left, and the full 10 min news segment on the right.

On Fox5 News

EVLovesNYC was featured on Fox5 News (which is a different organization to Fox News), highlighting our financial challenges and willingness to keep fighting for New York.

On BuzzFeed News

In Forbes Magazine

'110 Days" - Documentary by John Raubach(Featuring AOC)

EVLovesNYC was featured alongside AOC in this documentary that follows the story of food insecurity in New York City in the first 4 months of the pandemic.

On NY1 and BeIN Sports TV

We were featured as “New Yorker of the Week” on TV Channel NY1 and sponsored by Cosmos Soccer Club for an advert on BeIN Sports.

In Brooklyn Magazine

What A Shame Mary Jane

Popular YouTube Travel Vlogger Mary Jane made a documentary about us, where she asked the question, “Has the pandemic brought out the best or the worst in people.”

EV Grieve

Popular East Village E-Zine EV Grieve posted about us on numerous occasions. (Big shout out to Stacie Joy for all your support!)

On Iran International TV

Sports Journalist Michael Lewis

After New York Cosmos Soccer Club brought their professional players to the kitchen to volunteer, Michael Lewis from Front Row Soccer wrote several articles about our project that were featured in prominent sports journals.

Artist Sougwen

Internationally acclaimed human and machine collaborator and artist, Sougwen Chung carried out a global NFT auction to support EVLovesNYC.

Community Fridges

EVLovesNYC provides food to community fridges all around the city. You can see some of the organizations that have tagged ups below.

Everything Else!

Some of the organizations around the city and wider US who have partnered with us or worked with us.

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