Meet our team

Mammad Mahmoodi, Co-founder, Partner, Executive Director

Mammad Mahmoodi is an economist, community builder, and tech entrepreneur. He was co-founder of Ondamove. Following that, he was a starter—and Executive Director—of Open Data Science Inc, the largest data science event company in the US. He has taught entrepreneurship in a number of universities around the globe. He’s also currently the Executive Director of Artemes. His main focus is supporting enterprises to create economic equality.

Sasha Allenby, Co-founder, Partner, Communications Director, Spokesperson

In the height of the pandemic, Sasha Allenby was awarded New Yorker of the Week by NY1 for her work on this project. Sasha is published in 20 languages worldwide. Her latest book Catalyst: Speaking, writing and leading for social evolution supports thought-leaders to craft dynamic messages that make a lasting impact. She is a consultant for socially orientated brands who are making a difference in the world, and is also currently developing a social responsibility app.

Meet our leaders

Navid Youssefian, Partner, Brand & Marketing Director

Navid is a storyteller and brand engineer whose creative expertise is taking our organization to the next level. He currently oversees the marketing strategy for a global asset management company and is also the founder of Sprkle, a NYC based digital creative agency. His vision and creativity are playing a crucial role in EVLNYC’s rapid growth.

Kristina Belotskaya, Partner, Creative Director

Kristina is our creative gem and is the brain behind our amazing artwork. She recently launched her very own digital art boutique: kbmoods. If you think we look good, it’s thanks to her!

Tyler Hefferon, Head of Compliance

Tyler is our superstar bookkeeper, with a background in non-profit compliance. In addition to keeping our books in order, he is currently building out a career that is measured by social impact. He’s also a super talented percussionist.

Seth Clayton, Ambassador

Seth Clayton is an actor and musician who you may have seen on the Gotham Season 5 Premiere, or onstage next to Edie Falco or Andre Braugher. He is a champion of new Off-Broadway theater and is a founding member of Pipeline Theatre Company in New York. Seth wants to talk to you about EV❤️NYC and what we can do together!

Meet our chefs

Our volunteer chefs make us culinary delights from all over the world. They make a special effort to be inclusive of all the different cultures that are represented in NYC. As well as having roots in American, Italian and Indian food, they’ve cooked Spanish, Mexican, Iranian, Greek, Pakistani, Chinese, and Kurdish meals (always including vegetarian and vegan options for each dish, and remaining sensitive to cultural and religious beliefs).

Meet our fundraisers

We started our organization in the height of the pandemic, and our dynamic fundraisers have insured that we’ve been able to feed our fellow New Yorkers in the most difficult of times. From raising funds through New York Cosmos soccer team and supporters club, to online DJing through channels such as Disco Tehran, to working with connections in the restaurant industry, with the help of our fundraisers, we’ve managed to keep our project mobile in the most challenging moments.

With extra special thanks to:

Three extra-ordinary team players who made our project possible. Helen Radulovic, who helped us get our original project off the ground in the early weeks of the pandemic. Howard Brandstein, who stepped in to let us use Sixth Street Community Center in the middle of the pandemic so we could expand our efforts. Alfred Robertson, who has had our backs more time than we can count.

Meet our fearless volunteers

There’s been times when we’ve cooked 4,000 meals in a day. We’ve cooked in the height of the pandemic when many of the restaurants were closed down, and many of the food shelters were short of hot food supplies. We’ve cooked in the middle of riots, protests, and curfews. These are our regular volunteers who have showed up time and again, whatever the circumstances.

Feel connected to our mission, and want to help us to help New York? You can either become a Patreon (donating monthly) or make a one time donation: